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Let us guide you on your path to a lifelong healthy and beautiful smile. Modern restorative dentistry preserves and conserves your natural teeth. With whitening, porcelain veneers, natural-looking crowns and bridges, lifelike bonding and clear braces, we've changed dentistry from a dull gray or glinting gold experience to a reflection of nature's own handiwork. Review how these modern treatments can give you the smile you've always wanted.

Cosmetic Dentistry/Esthetic Smile Makeovers

Are you prepared to receive daily compliments from your family and friends? With Cosmetic Dentistry you can look happier, healthier, younger, sexier and more successful. And it looks and feels so great. We offer beautiful and natural looking porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, tooth-colored mercury-free fillings, inlays, onlays, all-porcelain crowns and same-day teeth whitening. Cosmetic Dentistry can make a difference in your life! You can have a beautiful smile makeover in as little as one or two visits and look ten to fifteen years younger. Click Here For More Information

Sedation Dentistry/Anti-Anxiety Options

Never be afraid of the dentist again! Experience anxiety-free dentistry. Make fear of the dentist a thing of the past. Painful toothaches, broken-down teeth, cavities and routine dental care can all be done while you "snooze." Wake up to a more comfortable and beautiful smile! Our safe and effective oral sedation system or IV sedation will allow us to quickly correct many years of embarrassing problems in as little as one or two appointments. Click Here For More Information

Family Dentistry

We can take care of your whole family by providing basic general dentistry services such as teeth cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants for children, routine tooth colored fillings inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, extractions, root canals, dentures, partials and same-day pain relief. Click Here For More Information

Dental Implants

Implant crowns are the next best thing to real teeth. For whatever reason tooth loss has occurred – ineffective dentistry, lack of prevention (fluoride, flossing, brushing), periodontal disease – modern dentistry can provide permanent tooth replacement with the use of implant technology.

They replace single or multiple missing teeth. Missing teeth are painlessly restored and permanently anchored in your jaw. They feel and look like real teeth. Dental implants can also support dentures and bridges. Rock-solid implant anchored dentures and crowns allow you to comfortably chew any type of foods and confidently smile again. Click Here For More Information


New Cosmetic Life-Like Dentures are available at our office. These dentures not only feel good and function well; they look like real teeth and gums. They literally make a person look ten to fifteen years younger. The styles of dentures a person can choose from range from sexy and soft to executive and athletic. Others cannot tell you are wearing a denture. If you know a friend or loved one whose denture is old, loose, ill-fitting, worn and broken down, give us a call for a FREE consultation. Click Here For More Information

Complete Rehabilitation

There are many reasons why one might need a full dental reconstruction. It can be because periodontal disease has destroyed supporting bone causing the loss of teeth or because of recurrent decay on multiple crowns and bridges. Maybe there are bite problems, which have caused excessive wear on the natural teeth and aggravated the TM jaw joint. Perhaps there has been traumatic injury to the mouth and teeth.

These conditions could warrant a rehabilitation of the entire mouth. Properly diagnosed, planned and executed, this type of dentistry has allowed patients to return to a comfortable, functional, stable oral health. A beautiful smile is an added benefit of this kind of dentistry. We believe patients are best served by taking advantage of our comprehensive expertise right from the beginning. If you are ready for a comprehensive approach, please call us.


Our doctors are certified in ClearCorrect, and Invisalign. They have helped adults and teens achieve beautiful smiles in as little as 10 to 18 months. You can have straighter teeth today! Call for a Complimentary consultation. We offer FREE teeth whitening for all clear aligner patients!

Teeth Whitening

With our ZOOM® whitening system, we can take your teeth 8 to12 shades whiter in one pain-free visit. Receive daily compliments from your friends and family members. We are constantly running monthly whitening specials. We also offer the Tres' White, Day White, and Nite White take home gel whitening systems. Call today for an appointment. Results are guaranteed! Ask about our "Whitening For Life Program!"

Cosmetic Veneers

Ultra-thin, porcelain facings are permanently bonded on your teeth. We can take crooked and uneven teeth and with some minimal reshaping, place thin porcelain veneers over your teeth to give you an instant beautiful smile. Veneers can hide ugly tetracycline stains, fill in unsightly gaps, make your front teeth longer and more youthful looking and in short it's as if you had instant orthodontics in as little as two visits. We are one of the few dental offices in the area who are certified to place Lumineer veneers. These are "no-prep," no anesthesia required "contact lens" thin porcelain veneers. Call us for a complimentary consultation.

Periodontal "Gum" Disease

Periodontal "Gum" Disease– If left untreated, this non-painful gum infection can cause bone loss around the teeth causing them to become loose. Chronic bad breathe, bleeding, red and puffy gums are early sign of gum infection. Our registered dental hygienist can painlessly and non-surgically eliminate this disease from your mouth and help prevent any future loss of teeth. (Periodontal disease may significantly impact pregnant individuals or those with diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Individuals with periodontal disease may have significantly increased risk for heart diseases and stroke. Women with periodontitis may have increased risk for delivering pre-term, low birth weight babies. Preliminary evidence suggests that periodontal infections may also be associated with lung disease and other remote site infections.)

Call us today for a complimentary exam and periodontal screening to make sure this "silent disease" is not affecting your overall health and the health and strength of your teeth. Click Here For More Information

Children's Dentistry

We provide general dentistry and preventive dentistry to children. Regular cleanings and fluoride treatments with our hygienist are great ways to prevent early tooth decay. Preventive dental sealants can be bonded onto the grooves of the chewing surfaces of baby molars and permanent six year molars to prevent tooth decay from starting.